Cam girl.. early stages

I like the idea of starting this as soon in the planning process as possible. I’m a 20 year old big girl from the south. Iv been heavy my entire life. Self concious my entire life and scared. I’ll be married one year in november to an amazing man, an amazing man who has helped me find myself. So back to the main reason iv started all my social media (literally in the last 30 minutes effectively taking over every lilly bubbles available on twitter, tumblr, instagram and more) I want to start caming, yes I want to be a cam model the hefty 19 year old southern girl wants to be in the adult film industry. Iv been interested for years much longer then what iv been allowed to look at adult things. There’s many reasons I feel interested in this field and I’ll soon come to disclose those things but for right now your open and honest soon to be cam girl is going to bed at 4:07 am august 28th 2016


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