Children and sex work? 

So this being the early stages you all might think I’m jumping the broom on this but am i? I’m moving to another state soon and that’s when I’ll begin my cam modeling,why then and not now, because I’ll have my equipment and my own place,the ability to have fast enough Internet. You see I live in rural south and I can’t even buy fast Internet out here so I have to wait. I have to buy like 2k worth of equipment so I have to wait, but in all this waiting iv come to realize something I hadn’t thought of before the hurry up and wait began. Thinking. Endless thinking and this endless thinking has brought up children. I’m not a particularly religious woman iv been pagan for about 5 years so I’m very open minded and my husband doesn’t really believe in one thing or the other but we’re newly weds, I’m 19 he’s 25 and we want kids and with kids comes questions. With how fast our world is going these days and the access kids get when will I tell them that there mommy is a cam girl, a sex worker, a film maker, whatever you want to call it. When is it age appropriate? I don’t think anyone has those answers and that’s the scariest part, but I suppose that is what parenting is anyways. Different circumstances same effect. 


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