Monetize what you love.

It’s crazy to think you can make a living off of something you love. Some people love wood so they make doors and benches some like adrenaline rushes so they become sky dive instructers. But what happens when you love sex not just having it but everything about it watching porn,lingerie,sex toys,sex stores, the naughty section at spencers. From an early age were taught sex is bad for the most part from the don’t touch other kids no no squares to the don’t have your cleavage out in the office unless you want your boss to have an unhealthy idea of you. When you have career day at school you don’t see the parents that own a porn DVD store or the mom that paid off her house doing Web camming so what do you do if you love sex and you want to make a living out of it, there’s no pamphlet or color coded diagrams for the way to success as a sex worker. Luckily there are avenues you can go to now the Internet being a main one, but after you figure out what you want to do to monetize your love for sex the heavy feeling of can this actually be a viable career, if I sell dildos can I actually 1. Make a living off of it and 2. Am I allowed to make that my career? The amazing answer is yes of course and I think once you get past how you should run your life and you do what everyone always told you to do “do what you love” that’s the true way to happiness. Wanting to run a sex store is just as viable as being a lawyer were just not taught that, we have to unlearn what is socially acceptable and do what is acceptable for our selves and our happiness. Monetizing sex is a beautiful and exciting thing. 


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