Dealing with hateful people 

Why do you gotta be like that? This is a question I ask in my head at least 30 times a week. It’s the question I ask when that one guy on instagram says I’m too fat to be beautiful and that I shouldn’t call myself bbw. It’s what rings through my head when a girl at the restaurant I go to stares at me and whispers to her friend and I see them look over at me and giggle. It’s what I ask myself now when what i used to ask myself was wrong, I was conditioned to think what’s wrong with me. If I was talked about I’d ask myself, why do you have to be like this. This big. This ugly. This worthless. But not anymore. You have to realize YOU are not the problem. Society is a weird hateful, wonderful place. Where you can be looked upto by so many people and one person can bring you down crashing all of your progress because we can’t see the thousands of amazing comments for the one horrible comment you got. It’s hard to deal with and it’s sad. Dealing with hateful comments and horrible people is an ongoing issue that we all have to figure out everyday. I guess I don’t have much advice at this time except for finding your self worth and taking time out to love yourself so when someone with a contradicting view on your body comes along you’ll see it for what it’s worth. Nothing . Because eif you take your time and love yourself right you’ll know it for a fact and you won’t give yourself the opportunity to believe in other people’s foolishness. 


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